Why psychotherapy? 

"Happiness is attainable when one does not fall into the stupid idea of ​​believing that to be happy it is necessary to smile all day." Jorge Bucay

Sometimes life presents us with challenges that we are not able to face alone, they block us and trigger old behaviours, sometimes learned from our family and that we thought we had healed.

This is the moment when we may consider the possibility of going to psychological therapy.

However, there are taboos in our society such as: "Why should I go to therapy if I am not crazy", "I am not mentally ill and my problems are not so serious" or "psychologists can drive you crazy and are useless". 

There is also a false tendency to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, forgetting that pain is part of being human and of life itself. 

Yet, seeking accompaniment and help is an act of bravery and courage that involves taking responsibility for your emotional wellbeing and your actions. Counselling is a valuable tool that allows you to look inwards, to listen to your own voice, to embrace your story, with the good and the bad, with your scars and fears.

Therapy enables you to know yourself better, to be more aware of your automatic thoughts and reactions, to manage any conflicts and to have more control over your life or your reactions and responces.

Therefore, being in therapy is to do a master's degree in yourself, to give you time just for yourself, to talk about your problems, worries, desires, feelings, and to access that part of you that is unconscious and functions in an automatic way.