How I work

 "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it'll always get you the right ones." John Lennon

In the process of therapy and coaching I am amazed by the doors that open for each person in his or her own process.  

My intention in my therapeutic work is to accompany you on the journey to yourself, empowering you and helping you to discover your limitations which inhibit you to live and enjoy your daily life. 

I help you to find your qualities and to decide what your next step is with who you are. 

My work is mainly inspired by Gestalt and Somatic Experiencing work, as well as my professional experience leading groups. However, my work is also enriched by other therapeutic resources such as family constellations, art, theatre, meditation, conscious exploration and my continuous training in other fields related to body work and developmental trauma, as well as my innate curiosity. 

Individual coach
Couples counseling
Individual supervision
Group supervision